de gouwe stek
Farmercamping De Gouwe Stek
"The place to be"
de Gouw 11, 1611 BS, Bovenkarspel. tel 0228-516958 of 06-36171778
email: Website: Near by Enkhuizen

Toilet buildings

The campsite has 2 toilet buildings: Toilet building Red and Toilet building Green.

Toilet building Green: This toilet block has 3 toilets, 1 urinal, 3 showers and 4 sinks. 

There is also a family bathroom which has 2 showers, 1 toilet with disabled access and 

a raised baby bath. There are 2 places to do the dishes at the front.

Toilet block Red: This toilet block has 3 toilets, 1 urinal, 2 showers and a disabled unit 

which also has a shower, toilet and sink. There is a private room with sink. There is

also a chemical toilet and washbasins on the outside of the building. The toilet block 

has underfloor heating!

Electricity and water

In all places it is possible to use Electra. There are several water points at the campsite 

that you can use to get water.


At the beginning of the campsite are parking places. The cars are only allowed on 

the premises for loading and unloading things.

Washing machine

For a small fee you can use the washing machine

Fishing pier

Camping de Gouwe Stek has a beautiful fishing pier.


Various animals can be found on the campsite, such as: chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs 

and a hang-bellied pig.


At the back of the camping are horses from the Gouwe Stal. De Gouwe Stal organizes 

children's parties and cleaning and cuddling days. In addition, it is possible to ride pony 

(€ 1.- per ride) and also to help take care of the ponies (all together € 10, - for +/- 1 hour). 

An outdoor ride is possible with experience. The Gouwe stable is not owned by 

the Gouwe Stek, for more information: 06-3732 1281 - - degouwestal

The store

In the reception there is a small shop where regional products are sold. Think of 

fruit juice, jam, cheese, mustard, wine, beer etc. You can also buy eggs from our 

own chickens there.


There is (limited) free wireless internet available.

Campfire place There is a campfire place which everybody can use.

Playgrounds and trampolines On almost every field there is a playhouse, 

sandbox or climbing frame for the little ones. For the larger children there are 

trampolines and there is a large climbing boat to climb into.

Table tennis and table football: Both are present

Bikes and go-karts For children up to 6 years old, there are bicycles that can 

be used for free. For the larger children there are a few go-karts that can be 

rented for 1 euro per day.

Sports fields There is a volleyball field and a football field on the camp site.


Here you can sit together. Because one side wall consists of transparent canvas 

and can also be opened, you can stay here all year round. Enjoy the weather 

and nature. outside are two trampolines, swings and the campfire place. 

The climbing boat and the sports fields are also nearby.

Reception room with terrace.

Here you can enjoy a drink and a small snack.  Or you can simply sit here or 

outside on the terrace.

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